C-fms Receptor

H. Feng hfeng at BLUE.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU
Tue Nov 12 11:36:12 EST 1996

Hi! There:

As we know that the c-fms receptor's full size is 170kDa in feline sarcoma 
virus, but we use different company's anti-c-fms mAbs or polyclonal 
Abs that  binding different size proteins in same tissue or cell line, 
although these Abs only binded one band, but size is different, also same Ab 
recognized different size's protein in different tissues or cell lines. 
Is this  problem using SDS-PAGE gels for more -s-s- domain protein? does 
anybody can explain that is Abs problem( such as some Ab are not c-fms) 
or homology is different? any suggestion or comment is highly appreciated.


Feng, H., DVM, Ph.D

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