Na/K ATPase Antibodies

James Stiehr jstiehr at
Tue Nov 12 20:43:10 EST 1996

Wei Wong wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a reliable, commercially available Na+/K+ ATPase
> antibody (preferably a polyclonal)?  I've tried the monoclonal from
> Biomol, and I can't seem to get it to work on MDCK membrane preps.

Our company, Affinity BioReagents, Inc. has many Na/K ATPase antibodies 
for various applications.  We also have many other ion transport protein 
antibodies such as SERCA ATPase, Ryanodine Receptor, PMCA ATPase, H/K 
ATPase, Phospholamban and others.  For a complete list and extensive 
technical information, visit our web site at

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