intracellular pH?

Glenn Warr Glenn_A._Warr at
Wed Nov 13 16:36:39 EST 1996

Jeff Cohlberg wrote:
> Can anyone direct me to literature on intracellular (cytoplasmic) pH,
> particularly in neurons?  It's "common knowledge" that "physiological pH"
> is around 7.4. A very extensive volume of literature on intracellular pH exists.  The 
methods used vary from NMR to pH-sensitive microprobes and the more 
popular fluorescent probes.  A not so recent mini-review is: Inger Helene 
Madshus (1988). Regulation of intracellular pH in eukaryotic cells. 
Biochem. J. 250:1-8.  You can also check with Molecular Probes in 
Eugene, OR.  They sell a number of fluorescent probes used to measure pH, 
and they also can steer you to some relevent literature using their 
materials.  Their Technical Assistance Department can be 
contacted by: Telephone (541) 465-8353; Fax: (541)344-4593; or E-mail: 
tech at .  They have a Web site at:  .

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