How do I inhibit receptor internalisation ?

Richard G.W. Anderson anders06 at
Thu Nov 14 00:42:01 EST 1996


How long do you need to maintain them in the absence of internalization?
There are three general methods used to block coated pit function: K+
depletion, hypotonic treatment and acidification of the cytoplasm. Of the
three, the hypotonic treatment is the easiest and most reproducible, but I
do not know how long the cells can stay in this condition before dying.
All of these methods are in the literature if you want them.

Richard G. W. Anderson 

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> > I am looking for a method to keep a receptor on the cellsurface for a long
> > period of time in the presence of its ligand. 
> > Any idea how to get that accomplished ?? Maybe a chemical that inhibits
> > the formation of clathrin coated vesicles ??
> > 
> >    Hayssam Zakaria
> May be you could delete an internalisation motif in the cytoplasmic tail
> of the receptor.
> Alexander

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