cell death in plates

Chris Hatton hatton at ifn-magdeburg.de
Tue Nov 12 17:57:31 EST 1996

In response to the 6 well cell death problem,
I use 6 well plates, and grow hippocampus organotypic cultures on
membranes, I used to see cell death on my NUNC plates in wells next to
the incubator door (always from habit orientate plate same way).  I only
have 1.2ml in the well anymore causes the media to come through
membranes.  I only feed twice a week, and in some cases only put 0,7ml
underneath membrane. 

I found putting sterile water between the wells very useful as cell
death is now virtually non-existant because of evaporation. Works for
membranes not sure about monolayers and suspension cultures.

Christopher Hatton
Institute for Neurobiology
Magdeburg, Germany
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