Transfection efficiency and differentiated cell-lines

B}rd Bosl|ven bard.bosloven at
Mon Nov 18 08:18:31 EST 1996



I`m working with a human adenocarcinoma cell line from the colon and I`m 
having som problems in optimizing for transfection efficiency.

I`ve tryed everything by optimizing for each respective method., i.e. : 
CaPo4-, DEAE-dextran, Electroporation, and Lipofection (not 
Microinjection). The lipofection method was even tryed out with different 
liposomes (8 from Invtrogen).

The cell line excists in an undifferentiated state, i.e not polarized.

Now, my questions are the following: Does anbody know if there  is a link 
between tranfection efficiency and differentiated state of a cell line?
It seems like different subclones from a spesific cell line can have 
different transfection efficiency, can this be true? Have you experienced 
this statement?

I hope somebody can reply, thanks for your help!

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