Angiogenesis Research

Marco Radice, PhD radice at
Wed Nov 20 01:53:38 EST 1996

angelpet4u at wrote:
> Hello everyone.  My group has developed a novel in vitro human
> angiogenesis model, and we are looking for other interested parties to
> collaborate with.  Our main interest is in angiogenesis as it pertains to
> cancer, but we realize that the model has vast potential in other areas as
> well, particularly cardiology and opthalmology.  If you are interested, or
> want to know more, please email angelpet4u at  Thank you!
> Don't be fooled by the name . . . I'm not a bimbo, but I play one on the net!

I am actually testing bioactive compounds in wound healing. I would like
to check their potency in both in vitro and in vivo model of

I would be pleased in receiving more info about your system.


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