How do I inhibit receptor internalisation ?

Hayssam Zakaria zakaria at
Wed Nov 20 14:29:21 EST 1996

Thanks Richard,,

The question concerning the blockage of receptor internalisation was
leading towards measuring a biological activity while the ligand is still
on the cell surface. Because I intended to use a FACS analysis, the
blockage would have to last for about 20 hours (although less should be
- > If you have any reference you could spare me some work.

Good idea Alexander, too,

I thought about that myself. For the IFN-gamma receptor they is a mutant
in the literature which is still functional but can't be internalised
anymore, but who knows why but I want to use the IFN-alpha receptor and I
don't think there is anything comparable in this system (and I don't think
I am gone try it myself).


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