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Vladimir V. Zarubaev vova at influenza.spb.su
Thu Nov 21 10:54:56 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,
I have got my PhD at December 1995 and now looking for another
scientific work in my field of interests.
I have no problems with English and any other language if needed.
I have an experience in operation with PC by routine software.
I would be grateful to you for your answer. If for some reasons
my characteristics will not satisfy you please pass my CV to your
colleagues who is interested in my qualification and experience.
Thank you in advance. Sincerely yours
Vladimir V. Zarubaev.

                           CURRICULUM VITAE
                         VLADIMIR V.ZARUBAEV
Date of birth: September 1, 1966
Place of birth: St.Petersbourg, Russia
Business address: Dept. of Pathomorphology
                  Influenza Research Institute
                  prof.Popova str., 15/17,
                  St.Petersbourg, 197376, Russia
Phone: (812) 234-04-18 (o)
       (812) 126-61-19 (h)
E-mail: vova at influenza.spb.su
Field of interest: Molecular biology of viral infection and viral pathogenesis
                   Viral persistence and therapy approaches
                   Viral carcinogenesis
                   Prion diseases mechanisms
                   Carcinogenesis: immunotherapy and common therapy
                   Metastising mechanisms
                   Hodgkin`s lymphoma, etiology and therapy approaches
                   Autoimmune diseases
                   Programmed cell death mechanisms
Objective: Seeking a postdoctoral research or training position

PhD: December, 1995 (Pathogenesis and molecular biological
                     characterization of chronic influenza infection,
                     Influenza research Institute)
M.Sc.: May, 1988 ( Dept.of Plant Biochemistry,
                   St.Petersbourg State University)
Major courses:
Inorganic Chemistry     Molecular Genetics         Biostatistics
Organic Chemistry       Virology                   Protein Purification
General Biochemistry    Microbiology               Enzymology
Colloid Chemistry       General Histology          Recombinant DNA Handling
Plant Biochemistry      General Cytology           Affinity Chromatography
General Anatomy         Theory of Photosynthesis   Invertebrate Zoology
Vertebrate Zoology      General Botany

January `89 - present. Molecular biological study of persistent
influenza infection.
August `91 - February `96. Molecular detection of herpesviruses
(HSV-1 and 2, HHV-6, EBV and CMV) in post-mortal materials,
archive paraffine blocks and blood and tissues of patients with
different diseases (AIDS, leukemias, Behchet`s syndrome)
and determination of tissue tropism of these viruses
March `93 - July `94. Study of herpesviruses role in induction
and development of endarteritis.
July `95 - present. Creation of non-viral model of chronic pneumonia.

DNA/RNA isolation           Sample preparation and light microscopy
Restriction analysis        Southern- and Nothern-blot hybridization
Dot hybridization           Virus cultivation in embryos and animals
In situ hybridization       Immunohistochemical techniques
In situ transcription       Aseptic/sterile lab techniques
Cell culture techniques     Thin-layer chromatography
Animal models development   PCR/RT-PCR

                      Teaching Experience:
January `92. Teaching of medical students group to a dot-blot
diagnostic methods.
March - April `93. Teaching of medicians to immunohistochemical
analysis methods.
June-July`96. Supervision of PhD student (differential PCR
diagnostics of papillomaviruses).

 1. Zarubaev V.V. Methods of non-radioactive labelling of nucleic
acids. In "Genetic ingeneering of immunomodulators and vaccine
preparations", Leningrad, 1989.
 2. Prianishnikov V.A., Zarubaev V.V., Slita A.V., Sukhinin V.P.
The use of in situ transcription for cyto- and histopathological
diagnoses of latent HIV-1 infection. 8-th International Congress
for Virology. Abstracts. Berlin, 1990.
 3. Sukhinin V.P., Prianishnikov V.A., Zarubaev V.V., Golubev D.B.
Study of morpho- and pathogenesis of experimental influenza
infection by molecular hybridization RNA-DNA in situ. In
"Immunology and pathogenesis of influenza and influenza-like
diseases". Leningrad, 1991.
 4. Zarubaev V.V., Prianishnikov V.A., Sukhinin V.P., Golubev D.B.
The study of possibility of in situ transcription usage for
morphological detection of influenza virus RNA in histological
slices. In ""Immunology and pathogenesis of influenza and
influenza-like diseases". Leningrad, 1991.
 5. Isakov V.A., Zarubaev V.V., Borisova V.A., Slita A.V. The use
of dot-hybridization for diagnoses of herpesvirus infections. In:
"Actual problems of infectious pathology". Part 3, St.Petersbourg,
 6. Pleskov V.M., Zarubaev V.V. Reticuloendothelial system and influenza
virus persistence. Voprosy virusologii, 1996, No.2.

References: 1.Dr.Alexander P.Gultyaev, Ph.D.
Email: SGULTYAEV at rulsfb.LeidenUniv.nl
2. Dr.Anatoly B.Meriin, Ph.D.
Email: MERIIN at bbri.harvard.edu
3. Dr.Vladimir V. Prianishnikov, M.D., Ph.D.
Influenza Res.Institute
prof. Popova str.,15/17,
St.Petersbourg, 197376, Russia
Fax. (812) 234-01-50


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