Mitochondrial disorder

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Try book: Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Breakdown  by  Valentin
Luzikov..the top world reseracher on mitochondria..available from
Consultant's Bureau, NY NY USA. or Moscow State University, Moscow
Russia..  It is available in many University Libraries, including Un. of
Tex Dallas.

It is a very difficult book which I understant about 30% of and I am
Main things I learned are that degradation is most caused by excess iron,
poor anit-oxidant concentration (Vit E, Vit C, Bioflavinoids B-Compolex,
B2, B5, B6 Ascorbyl Palmitate, selenium), low serum albumin (egg white-
requires high supplements with Biotin at different time of) , low
magnesium, low Krebs cycle substrate nutrients (citrates, malates,
aspartates etc), Low phosphotidylcholin (some powdered lecithins), trace
mineral imbalance-do hair analysis.
(Manganese, molybdenum, copper levels are critical)
High zinc and high chlorides are harmful.  A good level of Glutathione and
Glutathioine Peroxidase balance is required.  Also, chromium picolinate is
related to energy/glucose cycle.

When capable, according to Luzikov, the best thing for mitochondria is
activity.  ie: get them working again.  Slow, generous activity when they
are working somewhat seems like the way (walking?)  Also, B5 pantothenic
acid has been shown, in about 500-600 mg /day (spread out) to increase
stamina by 2 to 3 times.   This stuff worked for me. I'm 47 and can easily
run 2 miles, fast and not be tired.  Lastly, calcium/magnesium ratios are
critical and are affected by inactivity. Bouncing and jogging on hard
surface will help balance with VitD natural and boron trace with horstail
silica.   Most of these products are available from a health food store
chain-Whole Foods Inc. of USA.  Calcium excess affects mitochondria.  Form
best, i don't know, probably citrate/malate. Calcium too low stops RNA
release from nucleus.

This is oddly one of the few things which, when properly nourished and
then used, fixes itself quickly. Totally lost mitochondria I think are not
rebuilt, but fair amount of brewers yeast might be good for amino acids
and odd B vitiamins. 

Good luck.  Let me know how it works out..   
This is not medical advice. Anything you do should be after your due

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