CAN TWO MEN (or women) HAVE KIDS???

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Sun Nov 24 12:39:46 EST 1996

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@ Relevant experiments have been done in mice by a number of groups.  It is
@ possible to recognize male and female pronuclei in fertilized eggs.  If
@ male pronuclei are removed and replaced by a male pronucleus from another
@ fertilized egg and the surgically treated egg implanted in a surrogate
@ mother, it results in viable offspring.  However, combinations of two
@ female pronuclei or two male pronuclei don't work.  Neither do
@ combinations of a female pronucleus and the 2nd polar body.  It may be
@ related to genetic imprinting.

I recall from dev. biol lectures that two frog oocytes can be fused to
generate a viable embryo.  Is this true, and if so at what point in
phylogeny does imprinting have an influence?  Just curious.


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