CAN TWO MEN (or women) HAVE KIDS???

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Tue Nov 26 19:31:26 EST 1996

A colleage and I have demonstrated an imprinting-like phenomenon in a
zebrafish transgene (parent-of-origin changes in DNA methylation).  While
not demonstrating mono-allelic expression in these studies, fish appear to
have a mechanism operating similar to imprinting in mammals ... it likely
is most similar to the pseudo-imprinting of the gene brachyury in the
mouse T mutants

C.C. Martin & R. McGowan (1995).  Genotype-specific modifiers of transgene 
methylation and expression in the zebrafish, Danio rerio.   Genet. Res.
Camb.   65:  21-28.

C.C. Martin & R. McGowan (1995).  Parent-of-origin specific effects on the 
methylation of a transgene in the zebrafish, Danio rerio.  Devel. Genet.
17(3):  233-239. 

Cris Martin

> >
> >Keep up the curiosity and I hope you find the answers.,  I don't know
> >where in phylogeny imprinting begins, but there's lots of differences
> >between amphibians and  mammals.  I would try to find a recent
> >article/review on the subject.  I believe D. Soltare and his colleagues
> >did some of the original experiments on mice in the late 80s
> >

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