Angiogenesis anyone?

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Fri Oct 4 09:42:38 EST 1996

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> I suggest posting this to the newsgroup.  That
> group is devoted to vascular biology.
> Lazrs Lng <lazrslng at> wrote in article
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> > My group is currently investigating angiogenesis and looking for others
> > who would care to collaborate.  We have a novel human model . . . Please
> > e-mail Lazrs  Lng
> > Lazarus Long 
> > 

I wouldn't bother taking this guy seriously, because he thinks he's being
clever.  Lazarus Long is a character from a Heinlein science fiction novel.   
His distinguishing characteristic is that, through a happy series of 
mutations, he doesn't age.  Hence the "novel human model".

Randy Read

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