Lens culnaris lectin

Pete bss3pk at surrey.ac.uk
Tue Oct 8 10:46:29 EST 1996

benchaib at rockfeller1.univ-lyon1.fr (Mehdi BENCHAIB ) wrote:

> Does somebody know which company provide 'lens culnaris lectin' ?
>I need it for the revelation of oocyte cortical granules.

>Thank you for your help.

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>8 avenue Rockefeller
>69373 LYON CEDEX 08
>E-mail : benchaib at rockefeller1.univ-lyon1.fr
>Téléphone : 78 77 70 00 poste 43 23

You can get LCA (Lens culinaris agglutanin) from Sigma. Alternatively
Vector Laboratories have a good selection of lectins also.

Or you can make your own crude extract with lentils, a grinder (coffee
grinder will do), PBS, a conical flask, magnetic stirrer and flea, and
a filter!

If you want it purer, put the extract down a glycoprotein affinity
column - ovalbumin or IgG will do and elute with HCl at pH 1.5 - 2.0.

You can do it all in an afternoon :)

Hope this helps,


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