Enzyme lab question

J & J Tollefson wanderer at idir.net
Sun Oct 13 15:53:09 EST 1996

In my Advanced Placement Biology course (high school)we have conduct a lab to 
investigate the action of enzymes.  We use the enzyme tyrosinase(extracted 
from fresh mushrooms) to convert DOPA (dihydroxyphenylalanine) into 
melanin, and measure the accumulation of melanin in solution over a 10 minute 
period using a Spec20.  
That out of the way, here's the problem, I have misplaced my set-up procedure 
and am unsure of the concentration of DOPA in solution I have used in the past 
for this experiment.  Anyone out there who is familiar with this lab (I can't 
be the only one doing it) would be doing me a tremendous favor by sharing 
their knowledge.  
For some reason, 0.2g of DOPA in 100 ml dist. water sticks in my head, but I'm 
not to confident.....

Thanks in advance,

John Tollefson
wanderer at idir.net
Highland Park High School
Topeka, KS

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