What really is ECGS/ECGF?

Julian F Dye j.dye at ic.ac.uk
Tue Oct 15 10:29:27 EST 1996

Hi endotheliologists

Does any Know what ECGS or ECGF, as originally defined by McCaig, really
is.  I note that commercial preparations 'after the method of McCaig' can
either come from bovine brain or bovine pituitary gland, and can either 
be labelled ECGS or ECGF.
My impression is that it might be an impure prep of an aFGF splice
variant which itself has been called ECGF, which has the same biological
properties as aFGF.  Further, it seems that aFGF is pretty similar to 
bFGF apart from a lower receptor binding affinity in the absense of 
heparin and a requirement for heparin stabilisation which bFGF does not 
need for biological efficacy.

An alternative formulation of my question is : 
Is there any difference between the biological effect of bFGF compared to
either aFGF plus heparin or ECGS plus heparin?
I would be very grateful for any responses to this as it fundamentally
bears on my research project.

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