cells with NOT sperical nucleus

Steffen Dietzel dietzel at sun0.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Oct 17 07:29:06 EST 1996

I do not know what celltype V79 is (I'd like to know, it might be
interesting for my work) but fibroblasts and cells from amniotic fluid
cells do have rather elipsoid nuclei.

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> Hello
> Using CLSM 3D-reconstruction twe found the nuclei of (attached) V79
cells to be almost 
> spherical.
> Question 1: Can anybody confirm this result?
> Question 2: Does anybody know of cell lines with non spherical nuclei?
> Question 3: References?
> Thank you for taking time to answer the questions (by EMail or News.)
> -- 
> Roger C. Leemann
> Inst. for Medical Radiobiology
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> Switzerland

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