Agrobacterium / YEB

Frank Maiwald maiwald at
Fri Oct 18 09:34:54 EST 1996

Dear reader,

I am doing a plant transformation project using Agrobacterium
tumefaciens. One of my strains - LBA4404(pTOK233) [Hiei et al. Plant
J.6:271-282, 1994]- will not grow on YEB-medium with the proper
selection. Even without any selection it does not grow on this medium
whereas it is quite happy on minimal media like AB. LBA4404 without a
binary plasmid or with other plasmids grows on YEB like every well
mannered Agrobacterium.

Can anybody suggest reasons for this phenomenon just to cure my

Please post in this newsgroup or email to maiwald at

                                Thanks in advance!

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