How to keep cells alive

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for human lymphocyte culture, we use RPMI 1640 plus about 15% fetal 
calf serum and pen-strep or gentamicin. If I would want to hold the 
human blood, I would put it in culture medium like this. 
You may wish to draw the blood in a yellow top vacutainer tube 
with acid citrate dextrose, but I don't know how long it will last 
in it, probably a few days. I would try the supplemented tissue 
culture medium, although it is not a defined medium, so dosing them 
with IL4 would probably be better in a defined medium. perhaps there 
is a defined medium commercially available for generating monoclonal antibodies 
that would support your cells.

best of luck

> I am working on bovine whole blood and I am trying to keep blood cells
> alive at room temperature for at least several days (3 to 5) in order to
> dose IL4 after in vitro stimulation.  Does anyone know a special medium
> in order to do solve this problem ?
> Many thanks.

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