V79 cell line ?

Roger C. Leemann leemann at imr.psi.ch
Thu Oct 24 16:08:22 EST 1996


I work with a cell line we referre to in our lab as "V79". The
technician who gave me the cells with this information

	founder 	D.K. Ford an G. Yerganian
	ref		J Nat Cancer Inst 1958; 21:393-425
	comment		cells from the lung of a young male 
			Chinese hamster (Cricetulus griseus)

The ECACC catalog 1993 (Hypercard stack for Macintosh computers)
gives the following spec
	ECACC number	86041102
	cell name	V79
	description	hamster lung
	morphology	fibroblast
	depositor	Wynford-Thomas, U of Wales, College of Med.
	ref		J Cell Biol 1967; 34:684-
			Proc Nat Acad Sci 1978; 75:2873-
			Somatic Cell Gen 1979; 95:615-
	comments	esatbl. after spontan. transform. of cells
			isolated from the lung of a normal Chinese
			hamster (male)

However, a search in the ECECC catalog ed. 1996
(http://www.gdb.org/annex/ecacc/HTML/ecacc.html) does not find 
a cell line named V79 but lists the following:

	ECACC number	87091501
	cell name	DON
	description	Hamster Chinese lung
	passage		25
	morphology	fibroblast
	depositor	ATCC
	ref		J Nat Cancer Inst 1964; 32:857-
	ATCC designat	CCL 16
	comments	derived from 8 motn old male adult

How many different V79 cell lines are there? Is there a list on the web?
Does anybody know the full name of "Somatic Cell Gen" and whether it is
still in print? I can't find it here in Switzerland.

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