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Fri Sep 6 17:08:50 EST 1996

General account , VENETTA wrote:

> Can somebody advise on the composition and concentrations of a PBS buffer
> used for washing cells?!

Our Lab uses the following composition for fluorescently labelled cells 
or western blots, which we consider to be the original Dulbecco one.

PBS nach Dulbecco
		8,0	g/l	NaCl
		0,2	g/l	KCl
		0,1	g/l	CaCl2
		1,15	g/l	Na2HPO4 * 2 H2O
		0,2	g/l	KH2PO4
		0,1	g/l	MgCl2 * 6 H2O				
pH 7,2

you may add 0,01 to 0,05% NaN3 for conservation purposes. You may also 
make a 10-fold concentrated stock solution, but then adjust the pH after 

I hope, it works
Ralf Breuker at the
Department of Cell Morphology
NDEF 05 / Ruhr University Bochum
44780 Bochum, FRG

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