Dissovling Trolox

Rees Jean-Francois Reesjf at bani.ucl.ac.be
Mon Sep 9 01:14:07 EST 1996

You can easily dissolve it into DMF and then transfer it into DMEM.

Good luck


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<Pine.OSF.3.95.960904142144.15694A-100000 at duke.usask.ca>, Jason Ram
<ramjoshi at duke.usask.ca> wrote (écrivait) :

> Hi, quick question... Trolox is a water-soluble vitamin E analog.  I tried
> dissolving it in H2O or DMEM to no avail.  Anyone out there who has used
> Trolox before have any ideas as to dissolving it?  Am I missing something
> here?  TIA
> Jason

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