Enzymatic Product release question

taguebw at wfu.edu taguebw at wfu.edu
Tue Sep 10 17:48:48 EST 1996

William P. Tschantz wrote: 

> I am looking for examples of any proteins that the product does not
> dissociate from the enzyme till either new substrate binds or someother
> protein accepts the product from the enzyme.
> I am not aware of anything out in the literature, but then i do not know
> what type of search words to use in a literature search of the above
> topic.  Any help greatly apprecieated.

You might try searching for "channelling" -- referring to the process 
by which products are passed along or "channeled" to the next enzyme.

Try these references:

Negrutskii, Boris S. and Murray P. Deutscher (1991) Channeling of 
aminoacyl-tRNA for	protein synthesis in vivo. PNAS 88:4991-4995.

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