Mis-localised protein yeast mutants wanted

Fergus Doherty mbxfd at unix.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Sep 18 08:30:55 EST 1996


I have to organise a sub-cellular fractionation laboratory class for some
post-graduate students.  I run an undergraduate class on sub-cellular
fractionation which I could use, but I don't feel this is "molecular
biological" enough.  So I would like the post-grads to fractionate yeast
(perhaps more relevant for molecular biologists) rather than rat liver. 
What would be very nice would be for them to fraction a variety of mutant
yeast which mis-localise a protein.  So I suppose the protein itself would
have to be mutated in the targetting sequence - with the wild-type it goes
to the right place, in the mutants it is in the cytosol or whatever.  A
tall order perhaps, but if anyone can help please contact me direct.  Oh -
I suppose I would need an antibody as well!

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