help on apoptosis: single cell marker

Richard A. Lockshin lockshin at
Thu Sep 19 16:55:53 EST 1996

either boehringer-mannheim or oncor will give you literature following
an email contact.
We hope to have an apoptosis home page up within a month, which will
have this type of information on it.
"We" = The Cell Death Society [of New York].
--Richard A. Lockshin
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ecastro at wrote:

>  I am trying to enter in the field of apoptosis. I need a marker to determine
>if individual cells in a culture are undergoing apoptosis or not. I have readed
>papers using a technique based in the 3'-OH end extension of DNA fragments, but 
>the detailed procedure is not there. The technique seems propietary of ONCOR,
>Gaithersburg, MD. This company sells a kit to perform the reaction

>I need:

>a) The fax or e-mail of ONCOR (unknown to me and my colleagues here)
>b) If possible, details in a non-kit approach to the same objetive

>Thanks in advance to everybody

>Enrique Castro
>Dept. Bioquimica, UCM
>ecastro at

Richard A. Lockshin
(lockshin at;lockshin at

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