Inhibitors of the mitochondrila electrons chain

Meilleur Sebastien meilleus at MAGELLAN.UMontreal.CA
Thu Sep 19 11:27:54 EST 1996

Hello everyone,

	I'd have a small question for those kind enough of answering me. I
had this small discussion with some friends about inhibitors in the
elctron chain. We all thought we understood perfectly but it seems our
opinions weren't the same. Being logged on the Net at that time i thought
we could post the question here. Here it is:

"In the electron transport chain, supposing rotenone and antimycin A have
the same blocking power at the site they react with in the electron chain,
which one will be the strongest poison and why?"

	Also I'd like to get the title of a few books that give good infos
about how DPIP/DPIPH2 works (dichlorophenol indophenol).

Thanks in advance everyone.

Email to meilleus at or post answers here.

Sebastien Meilleur

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