About Erythropoietin...

J.H. Kim Kimjh at sorak.kaist.ac.kr
Sun Sep 22 12:17:26 EST 1996

Dear, Alan..

I can't be quite sure about the information that you want but in present

Erythropoietin is not being synthesized by recombinant microorganisms.

Due to its heavily glycosylated structure bacteria nor yeast does

this glycoprotein. It is reported that even recombinant yeast couldn't

possibly produce Erythropoietin because of some secretion problem

to proper glycosyation. 

Besides, there are quite a lot of reports on synthesis of Erythropoietin

animal cells (Chinese hamster ovary cells, Baby hamster kidney cells,

and insect cells (Sf9).

There's few reviews that I'd like to suggest as below;

  Aggarwal, B., Jordan, U.G.,'Huamn cytokines(handbook for basic and
clinical research)'(1992)
                              Blackwell scientific publication, 383-398

  Koury, M., Maurice, C.B., 'The molecular machanism of Erythropoietin
                             Eur. J. Biochem., 210: 649-663

  Masaaki, G. et al, ' Production of recombinant human Erythropoietin in
mammalian cells: host-cell
                       dependency of the biological activity of the
cloned glycoprotein'(1988)
                       Bio/Technology, 6: 67-71

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