separation of dead/alive T cell hybridoma cells

Stephen C. Dahl stebby at
Wed Sep 25 14:33:12 EST 1996

Bert Overduin (bboverduin at wrote:

: I am looking for a method to separate alive and dead mouse suspension T
: cell hybridoma (3DO) cells other than fluorescence activated cell sorting.
: I am not very familiar with animal cell biological techniques, but guess
: there must be a way to accomplish this. Answers and or hints can dbe
: directly sent to me or posted on the newsgroup.

: Bert Overduin
: CEPRAP / UC Davis
: bboverduin at


I am really not a pro at this at all, but I think you'll find that the 
most used method is centrifugation through Percoll (Pharmacia), Nycomed 
(I forget who makes this) or one of many materials that is used to 
separate things based on their density.  Personally, I have found these 
procedures to enrich for live cells rather than separate live from dead, 
but things may work better in your hands.  Call Pharmacia and ask for 
their reference booklet...Percoll, Methodology and Applications.  I think 
its out as a second edition now and used to be free.


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