Trouble with CaPO4 transfections

Kle1058 kle1058 at
Sat Sep 28 09:04:19 EST 1996

Helge Steen wrote:
>We've been using the CaPO4 method to transfect mammalian cells (eg NIH
>3T3) successfully for years.
>After a recent lab move we are now having problems because the apparent
>transfection efficiency is gradually decreasing. A recent test using
>X-gal staining revealed that the transfection efficiency is approx. 1%.
>This is less than 1/10th the efficiency we had before.
>The precipitate we see is comparable to that we saw before the move and
>neither of our assays (luciferase & beta-gal) have changed.

If luciferase assay has not changed, perhaps you should try a new supply
of X-gal.  Your transfection efficiency has probably not changed.

Krista Evans
kevans at

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