ceramide flip-flop?

Madhu V. Singh mvsingh at facstaff.wisc.edu
Wed Apr 16 15:17:52 EST 1997

Contact Dr. Anant Menon at Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison.  His group does
research on lipid asymmetry and flippases.

I think his email address is menon at biochem.wisc.edu

Good luck.


In article <5j2erm$h91 at info.service.rug.nl>, r.j.veldman at med.rug.nl wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone know whether ceramide spontaneously flip-flops across the
> plasmamembrane? If so, is it a matter of seconds, hours, days? Are
> there any ceramide translocases known? Will a short-chain analogue
> flip-flop faster or slower than natural ceramide?
> Thanks,
> Robert Jan Veldman

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