FHC cell line/vendor for cholera toxin

HK hk-miami at ix.netcom.com
Sat Apr 19 15:28:12 EST 1997

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Try Sigma.  I'm pretty sure they sell it.
You can look on their web site at http://www.sigma.sial.com
In <5j2gt8$a9s_002 at news.gwdg.de> Inko.Nimmrich at MPI-Dortmund.MPG.de
(Inko Nimmrich) writes: 
>has anybody ever used the human colon cell line FHC? We cultivate this
>line but with very poor growth. The only reagent missing in the media
is cholera toxin (as recommended by ATCC). 
>Does anybody know a vendor of the cholera toxin, preferrably in 
>Any help is highly appreciated!
>  Inko

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