Georg Seifert iam at
Wed Apr 23 09:01:00 EST 1997

In article <5jgoc5$a0f$1 at>, jpg at (Jean-Philippe GÉRARD) says:
>I am trying to get informations about the implication of 
>ORGANIC SILICON  in general metabolism.
>I've just read an article published in Nature (1997) about
>the cloning of a silicon transporter in C. fusiformis (alga).

Dear Jean-Phillipe
In June on a concress on plant biology I met a lady
who is dealing with the role organic silicon root development . She 
talked a lot in general about organic silicon. Maybe You directly 
contact her so she can help you further. Her coordinates:

Prof. Dr. Galina Telysheva
Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry
27 Dzerbes Str 
Riga LV-1006
Latvian Republic

ligno at

Cheers and good luck 

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