microinjection feasibility questions

Bob Fischer rfischer at utmem1.utmem.edu
Mon Apr 28 12:42:39 EST 1997

I'm considering a project using epithelial cells from primary cultures
that would require the microinjection of plasmids, mAbs, and purified GST
fusion proteins. Anyone know how feasible it would be to microinject
epithelial cells that must grow in contact with each other? I realise that
microinjection has been done with NRK cells, retinal pigment cell types,
etc., but these seem to survive seeding at low cell densities, something
that primary cells,  explant cells, etc. do not deal well with! Also, how
many cells could be realistically injected in a day, given a relatively
small cell cytoplasmic area/volume and moderate expertise? Are there
commercial sources for "pre-pulled" microcapillary tubes?
Thanks very much in advance.

Bob Fischer

Bob Fischer
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