About the cell concentration

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>In article <335E2C2C.3AC9 at mailgw.aix.or.jp>, aki-yama at aix.or.jp wrote:
>>  I have tried with 1,000 rpm, but this rate is too low to precipitate
>> cells. Tell me whoever knows the ordinary conditions, the rate and time.
>Approximately 300-500 X g for 5 minutes is sufficient for most mammalian
>cells; if you want them viable, I would not exceed 1000 x g for any
>mammalian or insect cell type. For bacterial/fungi/most protists, you
>12,000 x g for 1 minute will usually suffice.
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I would not use 14000rpm in an eppendorf fuge, this will probably kill
your cells, 1000rpm on the other hand is to low to pellet the cells, I
normally use 3000-4000rpm, 5 min this will pellet the cells
efficiently but will not destroy their membrane.

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