Quantifying Peptide attachment to a substrate

James Clift clift at utsw.swmed.edu
Mon Apr 28 22:15:34 EST 1997

djt2 at po.cwru.edu (Dennis Templeton) wrote:
>In article <5hh011$6ug at swsu65.swmed.edu>,
>>         How do I find out if the peptides are attached, and how
>>  do I quantify the attachment. The peptides are being used in
>>  nanograms/ml concentration. And this is a solid substrate.
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>>       mariappan at utsw.swmed.edu
>>   or  carlisle at utsw.swmed.edu
>> Thanking you,
>> Yours
>> M.M.Rajan
>We have had amino acid analysis done on bead-bound peptides. It is
>relatively cheap ($25) and very quantitative.
>Dennis Templeton
>Institute of Pathology
>CWRU School of Medicine
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