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Ljuba Shatkina shatkina at venus.iteb.serpukhov.su
Tue Apr 29 21:32:35 EST 1997

To whom it may concern

	My name is Shatkina Ljuba.  In 1995 I graduated from the  Moscow State
University (Biophysical Department,  Physical School).  I performed my
diploma project   in  the  Ivanovsky  Institute  of  Virology  at the
laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Viral Pathogenesis (Moscow). Being
a  part  of  the  project "The Molecular Mechanisms of Influenza Virus
Pathogenesis",  carried out in the Lab,  my study  was  concerned with 
the pH dependence of the activity  of influenza virus  polymerase. For
this purpose I mastered the following methods:  cell culture,
isolation   and   purification   of   influenza   virus  RNP,
quantitative polymerase reaction,  thin  layer  chromatography.  As  a
result, curves  were obtained which characterized the dependence of
influenza virus polymerase activity on pH in vitro and determined the pK
values of reactive centres of the polymerase complex proteins.
	Since my  graduation,  I  have worked  as a research assistant at the 
Institute of Theoretical &  Experimental  Biophysics  of  the  Russian 
Academy  of Sciences, at  the  laboratory  of  Molecular radiobiology
(Pushchino). During the last years, one of the themes  of  the  Lab  is 
alterations in  gene  expression  in  tissues  of  animals  exposed to
gamma-radiation. The aim of my work is to investigate the role of  p53 
in the regulation of  cell  processes at a wide dose range  (from low
dose to lethal and sublethal) in anin vivo system.  To analyse  the
expression of p53 gene, I mastered experiments on animals (mice, 
rats),  isolation of organs, nucleic acids isolation and purification,
cell transfection, isolation and labelling of DNA  fragment and
hybridization, electrophoresis of mRNA and DNA, mRNA blotting, PCR.
During  the last year, results were obtained showing alteration of
expression of p53  in  lymphoid tissues of mice at lethal doses. At
present I am studying the modification of p53 protein synthesis by 
Western   blotting  under the  conditions  which  cause alterations in
expression of p53 gene.  In the near future the results of the study
will be prepared for publication.
     I should like to  rise the level  of my education in the field of 
molecular biology. That is why I should like to ask you to consider this
letter as an application to a Ph.D. studentship position.
     Please find my CV and Graduate record enclosed. 
     Thank you in advance, I am looking forward  for your reply .
                        Sincerely yours,

                                             Ljuba Shatkina


Name: Ljuba Shatkina

Address: Institute of Theoretical & Experimental Biophysics, Russian
Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Moscow region, 142 292
FAX: 7-096-779-0553
Phone: 7-096-773-1886
e-mail: shatkina at venus.iteb.serpukhov.su
Personal: Born in July 4, 1972, Saratov, Russia (former USSR)

Education: 1989-1995 - Student of Physical Department of Lomonosov
Moscow State University (MS in Biophysics, 1995)

Professional employment:

1994-II.1995 - Research Technichian, Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, 16
Gamaleya, Moscow, Russia.
III.1995-Present - Ph.D. Student, Institute of Theoretical &
Experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Moscow
region, Russia.

Research Experience:

1994-1995  Project title: The molecular Mechanisms of Influenza Virus
Pathogenesis (Supervisor Dr. Oleg Zhirnov)

III.1995-Present - Project title: Gene Expression in Tissues of
Irradiated Mice (Supervisors: Dr. A.I.Gaziev, Dr. Tatiana Ushakova).


  1. Prof. Gaziev A.I., DSc., head of the Lab of Molecular Radiobiology,
Institute of Theoretical & Experimental Biophysics, RAS, Pushchino,
Moscow region
Tel: 7-096-773-1886
FAX: 7-095-924-0393
E-mail: gaziev at venus.iteb.serpukhov.su

  2. Dr. Shnoll S.E., prof. of Biophysical Department, Lomonosov
University at Moscow, School pf Physics, Head of lab. of Physical
Biochemistry, I.T.E.B. RAS, Pushchino, Moscow region, Member of Russian
Academy of Natural Science
Tel: 7-095-923-9668 additional 261
E-mail: shnoll at venus.iteb.serpukhov.su

  3. Prof. Vsevolod A. Tverdislov, DSc., Head of the Department of
Biophysics, School of Physics, Lomonosov University at Moscow; Phone:
FAX: 7-095-939-1195
E-mail:  tverd at bio.phys.msu.su
            tverd at bio522b.phys.msu.su

Graduate record.

Social and political history                   	5
Ethics and aesthetics                          	Passed
German                                         	Passed
Philosophy                                     	5
World history and culture                      	4
Humanitarian disciplines                       	Passed
Economic theory                                	5
Phisical culture                               	Passed
Analitical geometry and algebra               	5
Introduction into experimental
 technique...                                  	Passed
Differential and integral equations            	4
History of physics                             	Passed
Quant theory                                   	5
Lab of specialization                          	Passed
Mathimatical analysis                          	4
Atomic physics                                 	5
Mechanics                                      	4
Molecular physics                              	5
Optics                                         	5
Electricity                                    	5
Nuclear physics                                	5
General physical practicum                     	Passed
Ecm practicum                                  	Passed
Radiophysics                                   	4
Practicum on radioelectronics                  	Passed
Automation of experiment                       	Passed
Special physical practicum                     	Passed
Mathimatical statistics                        	4
Theory of complex variable value function 		4
Thermodynemics                                 	5
Methods of mathimatical physics             		4
Numeral methods in physics                     	5
Electrodynamics                                	3
Physics of condensed state                     	5
Theoretical mechanics                          	5
Specialization disciplines                     


Industrial practice                            	5

Special courses

Optical and magnetic properties of molecule    	5
Biochemistry                                   	5
General biology                                	5
Physical chemistry                             	5
Physiology                                     	5
Quant chemistry                                	5
Physics of biopolimers                         	5

Diploma project on theme:
The study of activity of Influenza Virus A/Aiche polimerase dependent on
pH in vitro                         	5

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