microinjection feasibility questions

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Tue Apr 29 10:57:50 EST 1997

>   rfischer at utmem1.utmem.edu (Bob Fischer) writes:
>  I'm considering a project using epithelial cells from primary cultures
>  that would require the microinjection of plasmids, mAbs, and purified GST
>  fusion proteins. Anyone know how feasible it would be to microinject
>  epithelial cells that must grow in contact with each other? I realise that
>  microinjection has been done with NRK cells, retinal pigment cell types,
>  etc., but these seem to survive seeding at low cell densities, something
>  that primary cells,  explant cells, etc. do not deal well with! Also, how
>  many cells could be realistically injected in a day, given a relatively
>  small cell cytoplasmic area/volume and moderate expertise? Are there
>  commercial sources for "pre-pulled" microcapillary tubes?
>  Thanks very much in advance.
>  Bob Fischer
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One source of pre-pulled capillarys and related equipement and supplies is:

World Precision Instruments
International Trade Center
175 Sarasota Center Boulevard
Sarasota, FL  34240-9258

Ph - 941-371-1003
Fax  941-377-5428
EMail  sales at wpiinc.com

Good luck

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