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Wed Apr 30 16:03:59 EST 1997

Bjoern K. Pedersen wrote:
> I have been recommended using dialysed fotal calf serum to substitute a
> media for my cells. The serum is dialysed using a dialyse membrane with
> cut-off 12-14 kD. Does anyone have any info on what is removed during
> the process?
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> - Bjoern Pedersen
> Research Park
> University of Oslo
> Norway.

I work for HyClone and hope some of this information will help you.

The dialysis reduces the concentration of "free" low molecular weight
components such as nucleotides and amino acids.  We use a diafiltration
method to produce our dialyzed serum as opposed to dialysis tubing.  We
use a 10,000 NWCO system and components such as hypoxanthine and
thymidine are reduced to below detection limits.  This makes the serum
good for incorporation assays and selection systems.

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Joseph Camire
Research and Product Development

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