Tissue & Organ Engineering Meeting - London 4/9

Dr Gary Lye g.lye at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Aug 6 13:35:42 EST 1997

Below are details of a meeting which may be of interest to readers of this 
newsgroup. Please contact the SCI Conference Secretariat for further 
information and registration details.

Gary Lye

SCI, Belgrave Square, London, 4 September 1997

Dr Malcolm Rhodes (Bioscot Ltd) and Dr Gary Lye (University College London) 
have organising this meeting on behalf of the SCI Biotechnology Group. Outlined 
below is the philosophy behind the meeting together with the final programme.

The bioindustry of the 21st century will be dominated by the need to 
manufacture increasingly complex materials. These materials will not only 
include multi-chiral centred molecules and genes for therapy but also living 
tissues and whole artificial organs. Our increasing understanding of cell 
biology now allows the development and growth of isolated human tissues. This, 
combined with associated advances in biochemical engineering and biocompatible 
materials, will permit the future development of whole artificial organs. The 
aim of this meeting is to review current progress towards the eventual 
possibility of being able to repair damaged human tissues or actually replace 
whole organs.

9.30    Registration and coffee
10.00   Chairman’s introduction
10.10   Bioartificial liver systems - design considerations and current status
        John Gaylor (Bioengineering Unit, University of Strathclyde)
10.45	Clinical application of artificial liver supports
	Robin Hughes (Kings College London Medical School)
11.20	Coffee
11.40	Protein transmission through polymeric membranes
	Cui Zangfeng (University of Oxford)
12.25	Coating of medical devices
	Jeremy Russell (Biocompatibles)
1.00	Lunch

2.30	Cell engineering - microtopography and the engineering of              
                tendon repair
	Adam Curtis (University of Glasgow)
3.10	Tissue engineering - an industrial perspective to skin and             
	Mike Leek (Smith and Nephew)
3.50	Skin repair promoting materials
	Robert Brown (Institute of Orthopaedics, UCL)
4.30	Discussion followed by Close of meeting

The costs for attending this meeting, inclusive of coffee and buffet lunch, 
are: Members of SCI £66, Student/Retired Members £16, Non-members £106 and 
Student/Retired Non-members £20. For further details contact the SCI Conference 
Secretariat, Tel: 0171 235 3681, Fax: 0171 235 7743, Email: 
conferences at chemind.demon.co.uk.

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