Little respect for doctors

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Thu Aug 7 08:16:38 EST 1997

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> I'm only grateful that I am undergoing my medical training in a country
> like Australia, because what I see of the American Medical system via ER
> and Chicago Hope and magazines such as Time...

Are you really so naive to base your conclusions on the US medical system on melodramatic TV shows?????  Perhaps you're spending too much time watching TV.  

You also said:

> When you have a baby in a public hospital [in Australia], you stay in
> five days.  My friend who gave birth in LA had to be out in 24 hours!!  As
> a private obstetric patient here as I have been on three occasions, one is
> allowed to stay up to ten days.  Basically until you feel like going home....

And how long do you think that will last?  Sooner or later the system will outspend its resources (like is happening in the US) and you'll be in worse condition than we are.  Do you really believe its necessary for a normal post-partum mother and child to stay in the hospital 5-10 days, because they FEEL LIKE IT???????  What a waste of resources.

> We're even paid $550.00 per week for me to stay in med school and my
> husband to stay at home with our four children....

Dido.  Welfare for the well-to-do?  Come on.  

Perhaps you should seek other sources of information, such as the New England J of Med, JAMA, Lancet.

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