Any good meds 4 colds

Fri Aug 8 07:15:28 EST 1997

Cold viruses actually are rather stable viruses, and don't mutate with 
high frequency.  The real obstacles to a vaccine for the common cold 

1.  There are over 100 serotypes of virus which have only limited 
croos-reactivity.  A vaccine would need to be able to neutralize all 
or most of the vaccines found in a particular geographic area.  A 
formidible task.

2.  Colds are nuisances, but are not life-threatening or even severely 
debilitating.  No drug company is going to invest the 50 - 100 million 
dollars it would take to develop a vaccine against a relatively 
insignificant virus.  Besides, the same companies are making billions 
per year on ineffective over the counter cold meds.  Simple economics 
dictates which way the company will go.

Jay Mone'

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