Calcium Crimson ?

Incheol Shin icshin at
Thu Aug 14 03:30:58 EST 1997

Hi all.

I'm working with Calcium Crimson dye (Molecular Probe)
to monitor changes in calcium concentration in COS cells.
When I tried to observe the Calcium Crimson-loaded
cells with Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (Bio-Rad),
I noticed that not all the cells are readily labeled with
Calcium Crimson, which is quite different from my
previous experiments with other calcium indicators
like Fluo-3 etc. Even worse, the few Calcium Crimson
labeled cells appeared to be non-viable by microscopic
Is Calcium Crimson is somewhat more toxic than
other fluorescent calcium indicators ?
Also I'd like to know the appropriate labeling period
and working concentration of Calcium Crimson.

Any of your kind help would be greatly appreciated,

Incheol Shin
Dept of Biochemistry
Hanyang Medical School
Seoul, Korea

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