Anyone have sucess with anti-nHis antibodies?

Stephen Morris mdm8 at
Mon Aug 18 16:48:03 EST 1997

Hi,  I've been trying to use several Quiagen antibodies without sucess.  I
have been trying to detect a protein that is labeled with RGS6Histidine on
the C-terminal end.  I can detect the protein on western with an antibody
specific to the protein itself but cannot detect it with either
antiRGS6His, antiTetraHis, or antiPentahis.  I've also tried to detect
another protein that is 6His labelled and although I dotblot a purified
aliquot I cannot detect it with either penthis or tetrahis.  I've been
using the quiagen protocol which suggests blocking with casein. My
secondary is antimouse HRP. Does anyone have a protocol that works or are
these antibodies useless?
Thanks    Stephen.

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