DNA spec dye?

Richard Kerr kerrr at CRYPTIC.RCH.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
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At 06:58 2/12/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Anybody knows a DNA-specific dye which would emit red or green? Cause I
>don't have the DAPI filter but I have to counterstain the nuclei for
>anti-p53 or anti-BrdU
propidium iodide
also used as a rough guide for % apoptotic cells in a population.
emits an orange wavelength when excited with blue (fluorescein) light. Can
be shut out with a emission band-width filter.
I suggest a medline search would give you the leads that you need.
Also, check the 'Molecular Probes' catalogue for their YOYO dyes....emits
green under blue excitation I think.
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