Looking for experience!!!

akilah jackson ajacks3 at gl.umbc.edu
Thu Dec 4 22:17:03 EST 1997

I'm would really like more experience working in the laboratory, and there
are no openings for younger, inexperienced potential scientists, like

I have one summer's worth of experience working in a lab, in
My lab duties included cell culturing, handling mice, microscopy,
fluorescent microscopy, and keeping the lab area tidy.
I want more experience working with genes.

I had developed this project that summer that I want to continue working
on as well.

I had tried to connect aging with programmed cell death(apoptosis). I said
that gene responsible for controlling apoptosis, p53 was also responsible
for controlling aging. 

I would like to continue this project but because i have limited knowledge
I wouldn't know what techniques to use  and would need guidance.

Anyone who knows any information about available lab assistant positions 
or know anyone willing to take me under their wing

I'm a freshman at UMBC. Striving for a B.S. in Biochemistry.

please fell free to contact:
Akilah Jackson 
applejacks at mailexcite.com 

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