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Tue Dec 9 12:12:21 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

Some St.Petersburg (SPb) (Russia) scientists try activate interest to the
cytoskeleton and to its function in living cell. One of them, Prof.
G.P.Pinaev decided organise the city seminar "CYTOSKELETON". We already
had 3 sessions.

I Session. May, 97
1. G.P.Pinaev. The role of the cytoskeleton in the living cell. Institute
of Cytology of Russian Academy of Sciences.
2. V.V.Matveev. Actomyosin gel as a possible model of the intracellular
signalling system connected with actin filaments. Institute of Cytology of
Russian Academy of Sciences.

II Session. September, 97
S.Yu.Khaitlina. The cytoskeleton dynamics and the actin properties.
Institute of Cytology of Russian Academy of Sciences.

III Session. October, 97
N.V.Kuleva. Myosin ATPase activity and test "motility in vitro".
St.Petersburg University.

IV Session. November, 97
Yu.A.Negulyaev. Ionic channels and the cytoskeleton. Institute of Cytology
of Russian Academy of Sciences.

	On the next session we are planing discuss the problem about
possible participation of  the cytoskeleton IN THE TRANSDUCTION OF
INTRACELLULAR SIGNALS. We believe that it is useful to clarify the
following definition "signal", "signal transduction", "information
	You can participate in our Seminar in every way you prefer. It
would be great if you have some interesting information for us.

	We would be very happy if you inform us about your point of view
on the nature of intracellular SIGNAL, SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION, SIGNAL

	To start the discussion I offer the following definitions for your

1) SIGNAL is every physico-chemical event which has any REGULATORY
significance for living cell; 2) SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION is some regular
sequence of any events which is completed by the final event having
regulatory importance. 3) SIGNAL INFORMATION is the content of regulatory
process triggered by the signal; the content of the process is determined
by the properties of the target cellular structure; one signal (free Ca
in cytoplasm, for example) can have different "information" for different
intracellular structures.

Please, be free in your criticism. All members of our seminar will be
informed about your response.

Thank you in

Dr. Vladimir Matveev
The Secretory of the Seminar "CYTOSKELETON"
9 Dec 1997
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