How do you grow bacteria?!?!?

Joel Guss jg183 at
Mon Dec 15 14:13:23 EST 1997

> MI>Help!!!! I am a 9th grade student who was assigned a science fair
> MI>project. Unfortunatly, I picked a project on the strength of different
> MI>antibacterial soaps. I picked this topic, not realizing that I have
> MI>almost no knowledge on the subject. I think I have the basic idea on how
> MI>to complete the project. With me growing bacteria and applying the
> MI>different brands of soap directly to the bacteria and I have a few
> MI>questions concerning the project. First off, will this project work?? If
> MI>it can be done, how can I grow defferent types of bacteria?? I need at
> MI>leat two different types and again, I'm lost. Any responces will be
> MI>helpful. Thanks in advance, -Mike Yerdon

Don't forget to try different concentrations of each anti-bacterial
soap.  It might also be interesting to see if you can swab bacteria
from places that people worry about picking it up (like bathroom
or trash) but you should then be more careful not to contaminate
yourself than you would be if you were using bacteria from the
air, for example.
Good luck...sounds like a fun project.	

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