How do you grow bacteria?!?!?

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Mon Dec 15 14:58:13 EST 1997

Just as an added thought you may want to look at some specimens isolated
from places located on your self.  You can easily take a q-tip and swab
the back of your throat, behind your ears, fingernails, toes, etc...  You
may be surprised to discover that we are merely a host to a world of
microorganisms.  These indiginous flora are often very hearty and easy to
grow on virtually any media as mentioned earlier.  I would also suggest
dilluting the soaps to standard concentrations and observe at what
concentration you get the best inhibition.   
The last bit of advice I have is label everything and take dilligent notes
on your project.  Remember,label everything in an organized manner,
think your project through on paper first.  Final note, if it isn't
recorded, signed, and authenticated it didn't happen.  A lab journal is a
good habit to get into early and can save you latter in your career.  
These  On 14 Dec
1997, Modem wrote:

> MI>Help!!!! I am a 9th grade student who was assigned a science fair
> MI>project. Unfortunatly, I picked a project on the strength of different
> MI>antibacterial soaps. I picked this topic, not realizing that I have
> MI>almost no knowledge on the subject. I think I have the basic idea on how
> MI>to complete the project. With me growing bacteria and applying the
> MI>different brands of soap directly to the bacteria and I have a few
> MI>questions concerning the project. First off, will this project work?? If
> MI>it can be done, how can I grow defferent types of bacteria?? I need at
> MI>leat two different types and again, I'm lost. Any responces will be
> MI>helpful. Thanks in advance, -Mike Yerdon
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> Yes, it should work. You will need something to use as petri dishs that
> you can cover to keep dust, etc out. Formedia you can use a layer of
> jello one fourth inch thick. For your bacteria you can just leave a dish
> exposed or try swabing various thing and rub the swabs on different
> places on the jello. Eventually something will grow. Pick two different
> colors of cultures. On a fresh dish lay out some squares, swab each
> square with a fresh cotton swab which has been wetted and rubbed on a
> different type of soap. Leave a few untouched squares as controls.
> Inoculate each of the squares with your cultures, use a tooth pick to
> tranfer a touch of them. Keep a list of which square goes with which
> soap. Let them grow. Make a chart of how fast each bug grows with each
> soap.

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