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General Problems of Science

Alive blk at online.tmsk.ru
Sun Feb 2 10:21:34 EST 1997

Subject: General Problems of Science

   Part One. Version 1,0 /first time/. 
   Translated from Russian

            I'm a Scientist. I'm - for a Science, not against it(her).
And purpose of this publication is - not destruction, but creation. I
act as
independent, external and consequently of the less interested expert \I
mean - min distorted\,
assessing  a current situation in a science as a whole, in Humankind,
 on  Planet  Earth, and also in foreseeable  parts of the Universe.
     All underwritten can be substantiated  in accordance with
procedures of substantiation,
 accepted in  science  practice  \both - Spirit and letter\.

     I do not consider here innumerable set of the
\under-,below-, pre- \  and perceptions of a Reality \ so-called "
female logic ", everyday,
 mystical, religious perception(recognition) of all types, obvious
hallucinations, mirages,
myths; optical, sound, and other sense-personalities, hormonal,
 emotional, narrow-professional, local-area,
social and others distortion of perception of MONOorNARROW-dominant
type... PSEUDO-SCIENCES.., etc,etc,etc...

      I am talking about transition from a Science to an Advanced
from scientific world-perception - to advanced scientific
world-perception. And way of life.

       ... My childhood had been in Soviet Union, and despite of ... \ -
It had allowed me to have unique for Scientist experience of  total
 and 'philosophy of life'  OVER-IMPRINTING.  On my eyes and IN me
seemed absolutely firm gestalts, model, design of perception myself and
 From obviously deformed culture, morals and 'philosophy of life' of a
Soviet type by coming of
the Perestroika I has passed in space of World-wide culture and Science.
Outside of any doubts - more adequate, more free and more HEALTHFULL  in
     This transition, naturally, has called in me  a lot of great
harmonization's, expansions, and health-improving. But after  some time,
when new constructions had successfully implanted, became fixed and
turned into my Personality -- NORMAL PERSONALITY \ NOT  ADVANCED \  -
- I had looked ahead \ around\.
Unshakements of so-called "West" or "  World Culture "
do not seemed such absolute for me, IN  WHICH just now have crushed a
     At  West  and in the World, in valuations of achievements of
Science, mankind and so-called "life" \ or Evolution \ it's prevail
perceptions of a type:
"  Science for last 20 \ 50, 100 \  years! was advanced so much !"
" next  revolution in  - @ industries \ +! \ "
 " the Mankind has reached unprecedented blossoming ! "
"... And at last, dear students, we begin to study of a Top of
4,500,000,000 years
 development of life on the Earth - Íîìî Sapiens!!! "

     All this sick  reminds me a soviet propagation: " we have reached
unprecedented  successes - compared with 1913  ", blockade of
Leningrad, post-war ruins,  etc.
 " Soviet Union is the top place of the World ".

   Science: a base basic image: " AN  EYE WITHOUT A  BRAIN".
Set of PIXELS, sending "information" to NOWHERE.

Flatly \ 2D \,superficial, pale \dull \, too diluted milk by a water,
uncoordinated. ...
                                   END of part one.

Next time:

- Origin of  science: orientated reaction,
- Problem of the Origin of Life:   not " live out of unlive ", but "
  LESS  LIVE ", not " ORDER  OUT OF CHAOS  ", but    "
- Beyond-Earth-civilizations /aliens/ - no one on the Earth in fact, and
it is more than strangely,
  considering completely   legal \ law, reason\ and  INEVITABILITY  of
  so-called " intelligence  life " on our drop / planet /,
- FOCUSING of  Science - focusing of scientists consciousness \mind,
  let's address to  ANCESOTRS experience \ transitions  MOLECULES -
- the Cembrey - such far, but such relative...
- Nonsense: the publications as measure of scientific achievements,
- Science and Society: where is a head, and where is a tail?
- Implantation of knowledge in a brain - closer to the Central

Thank you .

Name: Alive
Status: Independent Scientist
Structure: Evolution Center of Planet Earth
E-mail: blk at online.tmsk.ru
Aphorism: "Object  is  process"

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