functions of histones??

Matthew L. Bilodeau bilodeau at
Wed Feb 5 10:12:13 EST 1997

4Ts wrote:
> anyine know the functions of the histones proteins?? apart from sticking
> DNA together to form chromosome??

There is much recent research on histone function as a regulator of
transcription.  Some histone/chromatin modifying proteins which seem to
be linked to this role include SNF/SWI (yeast; apparently important in
the assembly and modification of the nucloesome), GCN5 (yeast; a histone
acetyltransferase) and P/CAF and p300/CBP (CREB Binding Protein) (higher
eukaryotes; histone acetyltransferases, the latter of which has been
shown to be active on the four core histones).

I hope this helps...MLB
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